Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Robots are Coming

Robots are Coming

Author & Illustrator:  Andy Rash
Published: 2000

The Robots Are Coming: And Other Problems

Reading Level:  5th grade and up
Genre:  Poetry

Summary:  This book is a collection of poems with illustrations.  The poems are different things that a reader might be afraid or worry about.  Things such as, X-rays, ghosts, pirates, and the devil, just to name a few.

Pre-Reading Activity:  his book would go with a poetry unit.  Each page has its own pictures and poem to go along with it. 

Post-Reading Activity:   I would have the student think of their own poem and have them write and illustrate their own poem.  We would then compile all of the student's poem to make our very own poem book.

Reflection:  I did not like this book at all.  I did not pre read the book as I should have before reading it to my son and I was appalled at the poems.  Here are just a few of the things that I did not like: The Robots overdose on caffeine, Dr. X uses X-Ray vision to see our Bras and underpants, a blood thirsty pirate murders the other guy, a voodoo doll curse hurts us, the Devil buys our soul, the evil hypnotist causes us to kiss a girl and have no memory of it but feel sorry afterward, it goes on...  I was very disgusted by this book and do not think it should be marketed to children.  Although I did learn one thing from this book, always read a book introducing to your child and/or students.

Author Andy Rash

Andy Rash was born on a mountain top in Tennessee, educated in the swamps of Georgia and the canyons of New York, and lives with his wife and son in the wilds of Brooklyn. He has illustrated for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Entertainment Weekly and The New Yorker. He writes and illustrates children's books.(amazon.com)


  1. yikes, sounds like this had some interesting parts that kids would go wild with! Glad you discouraged us from checking it out!

  2. Yeah it gives you enough awful visuals and words, but the fact that children can build on that is just plain scary.